Interview Dr. Helga tijdens Cosmetex Conference Tasmanië Australië

Dr. Helga van den Elzen is uitgenodigd als spreker tijdens de ´Cosmetex Conference´ die van 30 maart t/m 2 april 2011 plaatsvond in Tasmanië Australië. Zij gaf diverse lezingen en workshops over injectables voor cosmetisch artsen uit de hele wereld.

Bron: The Mercury Australia, April 1, 2011

Surgery more than skindeep

COSMETIC procedures are just as common as a trip to the hairdressers, experts told a conference yesterday. But that doesn´t mean you can walk in off the street and order a facelift from a menu.

Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery president Russell Knudsen said most procedures in the $1 billion a year industry required a lengthy consultation process to ensure the best interest of a client. "That includes an evaluation of the client themselves and the procedure they want done, to make sure their goals are realistic and that they would be happy with it once it is completed," he said at the college´s Cosmatex Convention, in Hobart. He said the college was a first point of contact for many people seeking cosmetic help and that a procedure-specific register was maintained to ensure patients met the right practitioners.

"There are a host of different cosmetic procedure options, which range from cosmetic surgeons, physicians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and we want to make sure that a client meets the people who are most suited to their needs," Dr Knudsen said. And these procedures aren´t just for glitz and glamour.

Visiting Dutch cosmetic physician Helga van den Elzen said the negative stigma associated with cosmetic procedures had eased and that simple procedures had become more common for men and women. "Cosmetic surgery used to be associated with the rich and beautiful and the attempt to be perfect," Dr Van den Elzen said.

"That´s not really true any more. People who undergo procedures are doing it more for social presentability and are looking to look more healthy and natural, rather than trying to achieve unrealistic goals of perfect looks."

Dr Van den Elzen, who specialises in facial procedures such as facial line filling and Botox, said she had undergone a few procedures herself.

"It´s about being happy with the way you present yourself to the world, "Dr Van den Elzen said. I want people to look at me and see me the way I see myself, it´s the same for most who use procedures. They want to look good for their age." And it seems more and more Tasmanian women and men are looking to cosmetic physicians to keep them looking their best.

Laserway Clinic cosmetic physician Asha Ram said increasing numbers of young Tasmanians were having minor cosmetic procedures.

"Young people don´t seem to have the same hang-ups about cosmetic surgery and are comfortable about talking about it with their peers," Dr Ram said.

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